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Pop-up Nightclub

SoCo evolves spontaneous experiences

Though Pop-up experiential marketing is nothing new, especially in the retail sector, brands such as Sony Ericsson with there "Night Tennis" presence and now Southern Comfort.

The brand has launched the experiment that consists of four shipping containers that can be stacked side by side or on top of each other, like giant building blocks. The containers then house a temporary nightclub packed with music, dj's and of course SoCo mixed drinks to enjoy the evening and grooves. SoCo Cargo can be assembled within a day, with an entirely adaptable interior. The idea started back in October last year in Australia.

For an older brand such as SoCo, this spontaneous and temporary marketing trend seems to be doing well in obtaining interest in young adults. The pop-up clubs have certainly gained admirable buzz in taking the target audience by surprise.

(via springwise) (photos from 101 productions)

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