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BMW Continues Pursuit

New Advergame is Sexy

BMW just launched this exciting and well-crafted experience with the help of Interone Worldwide and Artificial Duck.

The game is called "P.A.C.E - Pursuit Across Europe" and it places you as the star of this feature. BMW gives visitors control at top speeds to navigate roads throughout Europe. Great soundtracks to match some of the most beautiful design of an interactive application I have seen. All scenes are composited in a game-like atmosphere, but with a familiar and almost comic book sort of fashion. The art direction is top notch and at times makes this experience feel more like a movie than a game (obviously the intent). The entire Web experience really markets the BMW brand well and never tries to put the audience in the "back seat" (I know it's corny, but I just couldn't resist :)).

This continues to evolve the BMW brand in the eyes of consumers. Ever since we we're graced by the brand's "The Hire" film series years ago, people (including myself) could not wait to see what the brand would do next. Well this is it!. Although it is not a series like "the Hire", it's hard hitting and sure to make a lasting impression with anyone it touches.

If you would like, you can view a trailer by clicking this image below.

(via adverblog)

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