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Porsche I Can

The impossible becomes possible

To support its brand promise of impeccable craftsmanship and rich heritage in the racing and luxury car sector, Porsche is helping potential buyers feel what it's like to own and drive their cars. The company has released a fantastic digital experience that literally puts their lineup in your world. The site is complete with beautiful videos and engaging copy. And, there is a 'Picture It' tool that can drop in one of their cars into any photo you upload.

The entire site is well done and the 'Picture It' tool is a very simple and fun way for users to contextualize their decision in a personal way. However, the sharing of this seems to be a little outdated with email-only capabilities. Maybe this was intentional as the research could have shown their audience only shares via email attachments (just seems out of sync with no incorporation to share via social networks). Regardless, take a poke around. This one is pretty fun.

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Frenzied Waters

Discovery Channel released this site and it honestly freaks me out (as was their intention I assume). It's not entirely clear as to what this is promoting (though it's obvious to me because I've watched Shark Week a few times). Check out this launch and see for yourself what it's like to be attacked by a shark!


Eternal Moonwalk

A tribute to MJ

This is a great tribute to the King of Pop. I came across this and just had to share because it's such a super-fun idea. Check it out!


Summer Micro-site bummer

Pointer Footwear's Summer campaign not cutting it

The brand launched a digital campaign taking the form of a kaleidoscope (I guess to show the fun flair this brand portrays). I'll quickly say that this left me scratching my head a little. The micro-site isn't tied to any e-commerce platform and is purely visual fluff. Not only was I passively looking at this, but had I been interested in a pair of shoes–I couldn't even purchase there and then.

Directionally speaking I love the kaleidoscope style idea. However, the whole thing just feels a little too dry to me and left me wanting more. I really feel the brand here has done more harm than good. Pointer Footwear is known to have a passionate fashion following in their niche and I simply think this does nothing for it's fans (except maybe tick them off).

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