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Summer Micro-site bummer

Pointer Footwear's Summer campaign not cutting it

The brand launched a digital campaign taking the form of a kaleidoscope (I guess to show the fun flair this brand portrays). I'll quickly say that this left me scratching my head a little. The micro-site isn't tied to any e-commerce platform and is purely visual fluff. Not only was I passively looking at this, but had I been interested in a pair of shoes–I couldn't even purchase there and then.

Directionally speaking I love the kaleidoscope style idea. However, the whole thing just feels a little too dry to me and left me wanting more. I really feel the brand here has done more harm than good. Pointer Footwear is known to have a passionate fashion following in their niche and I simply think this does nothing for it's fans (except maybe tick them off).

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