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Mountain Dew - Gamers Mojo

Co-branding first for beverage and game industry

Pepsi-Cola North America will release a limited-edition Mountain Dew sporting one of (if not THE) largest game titles for the Xbox 360 platform. The drink will feature a whopping 54 milligrams of caffeine to keep game enthusiasts kicking and screaming (maybe even literally) as they travel from stage-to-stage in the much anticipated "Halo 3" video game.

Honestly, this a smart business move for Pepsi. It's a no-brainer that the target audience is chugging many of their already existing carbonated (and caffeinated) products. Endorsing the Xbox game favorite just may be the start of an on-going trend within the industry. After all, marketing this as 'Game Fuel" ensures just when and how the audience will consume the new product once it hits shelves.

Here are a few previews (courtesy of a game forum post on Llamma) of what this looks like. The pictures show the bottle featuring the game's master character, Master Chief.

(via trendhunter & adage)

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