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Ray Ban - Never Hide

New aggressive marketing campaign by Ray-Ban

The brand has put forth a massive campaign to promote the renegade soul that fuels Ray-Ban called "Never Hide" with the help of TBWA \ Chiat \ Day. The new campaign calls action for individuals to express their individuality (only if wearing their Ray-Ban shades) in a series of spots presented in print, outdoor, and online channels.

To capture the individuality of customers the spirited brand campaign will of course utilize user generated content and encourage people to submit their photos for exposure onto the outdoor spots for their 15 minutes of fame. Now this is all nothing really that new, previous and similar campaigns such as GE's "Picture a Healthy World promotion" launched in Times Square last year.

However, the sheer size of the Ray-Ban effort is one not to be missed. Past promotions by GE and others have never been as big as the Ray-Ban campaign which uses 12 screens in the heart of Times Square that really permiate the area.

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