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Fake To Be Real - Def MINI Records

A new virtual and false label launched by MINI

MINI is at it again. The brand, known for their fun connection with life, culture and arts, continues to present itself in new ways. Recently, the company launched a false record label named "Def MINI Records". The virtual label site is loaded with songs, downloads, articles and not an ounce of in-your-face product promotion. This experience has all the bells and whistles of a true record label site (upcoming artists, poster spots, bio, news etc.). However, the brand has managed to cleverly create indirect persuasion by having the so-called "featured artists" sing their praise about motoring and life with their MINI. Bands such as The Disk Brakes and Runflat will sing their melody with festive music videos. There is even a sold-out shop ad on the site claiming to have safety belt guitar straps.

The site was created with the help of agencies Interone Worldwide and .start.
This experience is a great example of the continuing trend with humor to direct. More and more we are seeing marketing efforts influence consumers with witty advertising and viral initiatives that are false in immediate offerings, but entertaining. Much like the recent post of Nokia's Great Pockets site, audiences are being driven to fictitious and fun experiences that indirectly communicate the brand's messages. The "hard-sell" has been away for quite some time in the advertising of new products. Now, more than ever, companies are being creative with their marketing approach to consumers.

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