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Night Tennis

Sony Ericsson creates exciting presence marketing

A brand campaign touring London, Miami and Madrid is putting Tennis into the darkness and spotlighting talent with uber cool dance grooves and action packed competition. Everything is under UV lights to set fashionable style and an exciting experience for all attendees.

DJ Paul Oakenfold spins for the crowd, while latest fashion designs are modeled between tennis matches courtesy of Gen Art. Think of this as an entirely different way to go out at night. Sport and technology are married. Sony Ericsson and other sponsored brands pervade attendees throughout the event. This truly is a fun new way of thinking to market and creatively connect with the cool and young target audience. Great Stuff! Be sure to check out the site, which is also very well done.

If you want to learn more, here is a video on YouTube to give you a better understanding of the event. This video is from last year in Madrid.

(via adverblog)

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