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Groceries For Kids

New Whole Foods like store created for children

A New York based company provides a solution for busy parents who want the best for their children, but do not have time to prepare healthy meals. Created for babies through age 10, Kidfresh features food boxes that are color-coded according to age for easy identifying. Parents can be sure that their kids are getting healthy portion sizes, nutritional ingredients and having fun while picking out the food with Mom or Dad or eating it once at home.

The company has done a wonderful job for this market niche and the brand that they have started. Details for child fun have been incorporated from the storefronts, down to the food itself (food comes in fun shapes and colors). Children can enter stores through a special doorway, and gather their groceries in pint-sized carts to be more involved with Mom/Dad in the food buying process. An in-store counter serves ice-cream and fruit kebabs as well as teaches cooking classes and other events to encourage children to get creative in preparing fun/healthy food. An overall great strategy has been created here for this company. With obesity levels on the rise in America, this is surely going to grab the attention and interest of concerned parents. Very cool stuff.

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