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Nike Vintage Running

Nostalgic tempo for a classic brand

The brand is certainly not new and the product line is not entirely fresh - but that is the idea behind Nike's Vintage Running campaign. Nike's rich heritage, both as a brand and as a leader in the sport of running, really shines through in this most recent concept. The well known company has done an excellent job in putting several of it's classic running shoe styles back on store shelves and into the minds of consumers. Nike has recreated it's classic running shoes completely down to the stitches. The complete line up of 70's era shoes even have that worn out look to them (hopefully the smells are not present). Aged laces and materials bring the shoes back for one final encore.

I have personally been a fan of Nike's for quite some time. The brand has continuously innovated and inspired across the globe. This attempt to bring back some of it's classic style once again is yet another reason I admire Nike among competitors. You see many modern shoes using styles from this lineup attesting Nike's ability to pioneer great design.

The Nike Vintage micro-site is exquisite. The art direction is spot-on and really does an excellent job in putting the product into perspective for the audience. The sun-bleached and muted tones in photography, facial hair and hiked-up stocks all shout brilliance. Your initially warped into an old VW van stocked with a stack of "Oregon Runner", a made-up publication the brand utilizes to showcase the shoes history and context (even complete with hilarious adverts and editorial spotlights).

The site uses a clever approach in presenting the infamous style of the shoes era with videos and other goodies also. Copy is well crafted and is also perfectly embedded throughout the site, allowing for a definite sarcastic feel.

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