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Time Magazine's Cover: "How to Leave Iraq"

Illustration by Arthur Hochstein

I just came across this last night at the grocery. I was getting our usual items with my wife, when I noticed this recent release at the checkout line. The issue debates and examines both sides of the argument regarding U.S. military presence in the Middle East. I'm not going to comment on opinions to this situation, but what I will comment on is the striking, yet simple, cover art by Arthur Hochstein.

As some may be aware of, Hochstein and his internal design team over at Time recently made the move to reorganizing all content and more specifically redesigning the infamous publication for modern day readership. Along with the help of Pentagram, the magazine has been orchestrated into both a beautiful and effective read inside and out.

This recent cover is no exception to the evolving magazine Hochstein and his team members are responsible for. Assertive and loud type reads "IRAQ" with it's "A" being hoisted by a military helicopter. The cover illustration quickly conveys the issues context much as the internal spreads do with other key information.

(images via Time & IraqSlogger)

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