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T-Shirts Talk Back

Fun T's allow for connections with others

Reactee has created a great new way to turn good old fashioned T-Shirts into a system of dialogue for the public. Using these new T's, anyone can text the keyword seen on the shirt to 41411, and will get an immediate response as set by the wearer. The possibilities for the medium are endless, from political to philanthropic, you can use these for just about anything.

I foresee these becoming a huge channel for communications particularly by soft drink brands distributing pre-release T's with the text codes and a witty and intriguing message on them. Shirts that provoke for campaigns of new beverage products. Brands such as Sprite that eventually allow individual flavoring of the drink with innovative packaging choices and Reactee's to match saying something like, "Whats my Sprite?". Sure, Sprite or other beverage brands may not currently exist in this limelight, but who's to say they won't some day? This small theory is not exclusive to the beverage industry - anything could be promoted via this medium.

(via springwise)

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