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TOGO'S Updates Logomark

New mark for sandwich shop

Togo's previous mark was a little too generic. To many, the past logo could denote anything which this shop stood for. I'm not talking about what it was they sold or any other obvious sales signifier. I'm referring to the "Who" in the brand, or better known as the "We're different from Subway, Jimmy John's etc. because..." statement. Many might refer to this as also the personality and soul of a brand. The past logomark really did not do much in this arena in my opinion. What was once a bland logo for a sandwich shop, this logo has been turned into a better representation for who the Togo's brand is.

Old Logo

New Logo

The feeling of fun, casual and seaside roots resonate with the new logo done for Togo's. Movement and vibrancy are illustrated with a surfer icon and his/her submarine board. Modern color choices also suggests lively and fresh ingredients by nature.

(via Brand New)

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