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Anything and Whatever

Beverage brand brings element of surprise to shelves

A new product by Out of the Box beverage company is launched with an intriguing teaser campaign. The product they are marketing is Anything and Whatever. This new beverage could be a continued trend in the industry and soon be adopted by brand giants like Coke and Pepsi. The new beverages by Out of the Box are a total surprise until they are sipped by consumers. Flavors range from "Cloudy Lemon" to regular "Cola" for the fizzy drink, Anything. Those who crack open a Whatever drink will enjoy any flavor from "Peach Tea" to "Chrysanthemum Tea" with its non-carbonated base.

This teaser campaign was started in early May and touched all major media channels. Take a look at the TV spot below and you will see the concept in an aggravated spectacle as two guys try to communicate their desire for the new beverage brands in a convenience store.

Outdoor ads were placed among city bus stops; some were even taken down later due to health hazards.

The Web hosted a flirty teaser site telling visitors they could have Anything and Whatever they wanted.

And eventually the full site went live to showcase both products and brand attributes in a nice interactive presentation.

(via springwise)

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