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Nortel Trying to Come Back

Communications company promotes "Hyperconnectivity"

Nortel will spend big dollars this year with a new targeted $16 million-plus global marketing effort. The initiative will spring "Hyperconnectivity" and is aimed at tackling fierce competition from companies such as Cisco, who has gained a significant market share recently. Nortel is communicating the idea of "Hyperconnectivity" with messaging in ads that read "When your desk phone uses your laptop to call your cellphone. That's hyperconnectivity."

Hyperconnectivity site

Lauren Flaherty, CMO of Nortel, Toronto is out to change the perception of Nortel for years to come. Before joining Nortel, Flaherty was with IBM for 26 years. She is probably best known for her previous hand in IBM's creations of "eBusiness" and "Solutions for a small planet".

Flaherty is certainly the person to create this new ownership of brand for Nortel. Given her experience previously with IBM and a powerful set of strategy from
McCann Erickson, San Francisco, the outcome looks more than promising. Though the challenge is definitely a big one, the team to put this together and make actionable is in place. The campaign will push a continued tagline of "Business made simple," and span across print in local periodicals, regional business publications, IT trades, outdoor and online.

(via Brandweek)

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