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J&J Sees Value In Social Web

Recently I wrote a quick post on corporate America slowly realizing the power of the social Web to propel their brands in the marketplace. Well, as a continuum to that note we're now seeing the healthcare industry tap the social Web's potential for greater awareness, education, and dare I say it - "community."

I bring this point up in specific reference to what Johnson & Johnson is currently doing with YouTube and their other social media channels. Johnson & Johnson launched its' branded YouTube channel, further bolstering their presence in the world of social media. While it doesn't yet have a deep library of content, J&J's YouTube channel houses informational videos to leverage more than 80 million users on YouTube. It's a big step in the right direction and pharma companies can all benefit from the reach and dialogue they can build with their audiences.

Apparently, J&J is the first pharma company to create its own YouTube channel. This really amazes me that we're just seeing this sort of adoption now. With more and more consumers online everyday, it's an opportunity missed that could easily educate and build stronger brand equity. OK, sure, not every pharma company needs to have a high-profile host such as J&J with current NBC News chief medical editor Nancy Snyderman, but they should capture their brand goals of helping patients (and health care providers), and why not use social Web video through YouTube and the likes to do it?

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