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Get Jetting

JetBlue Sets Stage For Humanity In Air Travel

JetBlue has launched a fun and somewhat foolish campaign to bring back pleasantness to the airline business. The current state of airlines and their obnoxious costs, policies and overall experiences, bring today’s customers an unending headache. JetBlue has leveraged this opportunity to bring back an ounce of consideration for the customer and remind folks that their is a difference between "flying" and "jetting."

And this site certainly does a wonderful job in heroing the concept that JetBlue provides, but other airlines only claim to do. I'm personally unaware of JetBlue's specific culture as a corporation and brand, and I realize this is mostly for making fun of an otherwise sore subject, but I can't help but feel amused by this web experience and consider JetBlue for my next flight purchase. Sure, I know most people will not be asking for high-fives from flight attendants as the site exhibits; however, I would assume the underlying principle of more humanity in customer care and focus of a better experience is carried over to real life.

Among many other things, I really love the infusion of playful hyperbole and verbiage that further supports JetBlue's concept (i.e. "...good Jettiquette among your neighbors..." and ..."we just have one really great class, called Jetclass...") in the Jet Simulator portion. Great, great work!

(via adverblog)

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