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Dear God - Website

God's There For Us, Even On The Web

Sometimes we feel helpless. Oftentimes, personal prayer is elevated by talking with friends, family and maybe even small groups at your church. But what if you could voice your prayers to the world and help to heal and bring hope to others? That is exactly what was in mind for the creation of dear-god.net. The website was just recently launched and has already taken a large position on the Web for the world to embrace. The site design was done by something-somewhere.

What I personally love about the site is that it is a platform for so many people to be heard. It's a non-denominational portal and the term "God" is used for every religion’s concept of a higher power. No matter what though, a community has been created for all people to share. What's more is the idea that readers of your prayers can in turn encourage and further exalt in prayer with you.

(via coolhunter)