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Thoughts on advertising, branding, design, and technology.

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Communicating On A Grid

Although this isn't directly related to advertising or marketing, I can see this being incredibly useful for graphic design professionals or anyone creative out there. Plus, it's just plain cool!

Allow me to introduce Whitelines. Whitelines is a great new product that is aimed at helping people communicate their ideas better. It's available in a variety of gorgeous binds to purchase from. As a professional communicator, I can appreciate the help a product like Whitelines provides since I'm often creating my own grids to design through. Instead, Whitelines makes things easier and cleaner for liberation of thinking with pre-made and clean grid foundations.

Designer Olof Hansson created this great product after wrestling with the problems he had photocopying his sketches. The issues were with standard grid-based papers intruding upon the contents of the sketches and scribblings. Hansson's solution of Whitelines is a defining idea of “non-conflict” lines in a negative space. The design solution supports the sketching, rather than interfering with it. Brilliant!