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Boring Commute

Weather and Slow Traffic Helps Reveal Bad Type

I know it's not a direct post on a specific brand or campaign in the sense I usually talk on. However, I couldn't help but notice a hideous typographic site on my boring ride home
from the office last night as I sat in traffic due to the snow.

While I was stuck on the freeway, I looked up to notice the ridiculous kerning between the characters of POLARIS (for the folks who are reading this outside of Columbus - Polaris is a thriving suburban area just outside the city.) It amazed me that such careless adornment was let go. Could the R, I and S be any farther apart? I can only hope that those in charge of designing this public space fought the area planners on proper placement of this signage type, but lost the battle for efficiency of character-to-section fastening (or whatever excuse allowed this to happen.)

Maybe I'm just too bored. Or, this snow is helping me to slow down and take notice of crappy type we're surrounded by everywhere.