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Beware of The Doghouse

JCPenney's Brilliant Holiday Campaign

I can easily say that this is one of the most brilliant digital campaigns I've come across lately. JCPenny has released their Beware of the Doghouse campaign and man is it good!

The concept here is a phrase all men are familiar with and that most women have applied to their male counterparts (I know I've been in there a time or two.) However, everyone has their own idea of what "The Doghouse" really is. To some it's sleeping on the couch for an entire week. To others it may be not receiving a home cooked meal usually prepared for them by their spouse or partner. Regardless, it's not good and no man wants to be in it.

What's really fun with this idea is that it's symbolic of the feeling of it and that's what is leverage in this holiday campaign. Penny's has empowered women this holiday to remind their men of the repercussions with bad gifting and ensured that attentive men realize the hope in their release is only a gift away. Well done!

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