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Anonymous Postcard

A new spin on an old medium


Please put in a tiny bit more effort and get price/name/barcode stickers for your products that do not leave a mess all over the thing I have just spent my money on.

Postcards have long had appeal on the general public. Putting the traditional delivery aside (good old-fashioned snail mail of course), the postcard's power brings that recurring "you should have been there to see it" angle to a dialogue. They command the attention of the recipient to see things from the senders point of view.

This is a great concept a friend shared with me that allows for this open communication to third-parties with unidentified delivery by the sender. It delivers on the old premise of traditional postcards, but with a digital delivery very different from the ubiquitous email we're all to familiar with. The website seems to be getting great use and I'm curious to see this develop further as a channel by which brands should pay attention to (much like the peoples voice on personal blogs currently.) It's already used by several customers of major retail brands, magazines and businesses. This just maybe the tool to change some attitudes on how customer service is approached in this country by many organizations (that is until it has reached it's plateau like email and everyone begins to become numb of it.)

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