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Meet the Beckers

Audi shows it's sanity with new viral campaign

Please, please meet the Beckers. Audi has rolled out this fantastic campaign and it's pretty dam smart. The series is an embodiment of a stereotypical (yet knowingly fictitious) well-off family comprised of unusual characters. Other than the primary character driving the Audi, his brothers depict hysterical and quirky characteristics. The story unfolds in three short films that are part of a mini series. Right now, the program has only released two of the three episodes.

I absolutely love this concept and it seems to resonate so well (especially for the younger potion of their audience). Although it's certainly got hysterical wit, I can't help but think Audi obtained this underlying concept from the success of BMW's The Hire series years ago. Even though BMW didn't use comedy in it's mix, the branded content approach seems very similar to me.

(via adverblog)

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