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More fun with lights

Ok, so maybe we are on a kick recently with discovering light-based media applications. What we stumbled across this morning is uber-cool and we're going to mention it anyway, even if it's another glowing gem (see previous Philips post). Some may say it's a giant table for people to swap hand germs across, but at least it's a cool way to do it! Introducing DeLighTable. This is a new product your bound to see popping up all across the globe (from nightclubs and science museums to retail branding and everywhere in between). Now the product is available commercially in made-to-order table form. However, we can be sure to see more and larger applications of the technology to brand experiences throughout our culture. The possibilities for use as a medium in brand communications already has our creative juices pumping!

The DelighTable is a pressure sensitive light table that was initially developed as an experiment with reactive space. The surface is waterproof, so spilled drinks or other liquids won't damage. The magic lies in the top-most layer and reacts to touch, revealing a brilliant light source beneath.

(via bornrich)